The Tarot Year

Follow the Fool on his journey as he spirals through the Tarot Year visiting each card at it's calendar, zodiac or other astrologically assigned day.

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Hybridas Morte: Artifact from Tomb Of Forgotten Reliquaries: Genus Rose Quartz
Rose quartz, sellinite,himalayan sea salt, quartz, marble powder, resin
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Fontana delle tartarughe (Turtles fountain) 1580’s (presso Piazza Mattei)
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Offa’s Dyke’s magnificent oak, near Discoed, Powys, Wales
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Yup, this is the deck I was talking about last night. ;) Do you like it??
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The view from the beautiful Villa Vizcaya in Miami. Photo by @spatari. Thanks for tagging! #myweekendescape #miami
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Ace of Cups
illustration by Eden Cooke

The Priestess


There are many teachers, and the last post I made about the Magician mentioned what I consider the two major types: the directly involved, like Chiron; and the indirectly involved, like Athena. In the case of Athena, I said that her revelations of wisdom were at critical…