The Tarot Year

Follow the Fool on his journey as he spirals through the Tarot Year visiting each card at it's calendar, zodiac or other astrologically assigned day.

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The Final Runway………
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My cards never lie to me.Lesson: Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you. Some bullies will team up with other bullies because they can’t beat you alone but nothing or no one has the power to stop your drive and blessings unless you allow it. Just because you “heard” doesn’t mean you know. Get to know the person behind the blog, before you judge them. The most insecure people ALWAYS have the most to say about somebody else. Don’t let insecure people make you feel insecure about yourself.



Day Thirteen Spread

1. How can I bring more happiness into my life?

2. What may be blocking my joy?

3. What first step must I take on the path to happiness?

The cards are telling me I feel a bit stuck in a rut at the moment. I may feel like I have missed…

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Anna Pavlova in The Dragonfly. 
Pavlova choreographed several solos herself, one of which is The Dragonfly, a short ballet set to music by Fritz Kreisler. While performing the role, Pavlova wore a gossamer gown with large dragonfly wings fixed to the back. It showcased “her lyricism, expressiveness, and unique ability to fully embody the roles she performed.” writes Lindsey Grites Weeks.
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