The Tarot Year

Follow the Fool on his journey as he spirals through the Tarot Year visiting each card at it's calendar, zodiac or other astrologically assigned day.

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CORAZON DE HOJALATA by wideanglemex on Flickr
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Urban red fox(Vulpes vulpes) in a cemetery, South London
Photo credit: Laurent Geslin photography
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Simon Ushakov, Archangel Michael Trampling the Devil Underfoot, 1676
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X) Wheel of Fortune 
Opportunity, progress, chance  
More cards can be seen here 
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pre tarot sage cleanse (at cat castle)
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This folding screen was painted after the Visconti-Sforza deck, the 15th century Tarot that is one of, if not THE oldest known…and the most famous. I had an old deck that I gold-leafed (where it is ‘gold’, of course)….So, one day my client needed a folding screen, and the deck came to mind….Later, It was my clients’ idea to turn the decorative screens into a long table…
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